Welcome to the TBL Web Shop!

!!Info: All products that are not purchasable yet, are listed anyways, but marked as "Out Of Stock"!!

Through our web shop you can purchase unique ingame items. The items will be resetted during every wipe at the end of each season.

The products will be activated gradually after the server has been started in order not to drastically change the usual gaming experience.
The order of activation is as follows:

  • December 27th - Start
            The web shop is activated at the start of the season. On the first evening only Skins, Creature Colors and Chibi Pets can be purchased.
  • December 28th at 2p.m. CET
            On Tuesday all shop content will be unlocked.

The web shop offers another special feature: Reward Points
For each purchase of a product you will receive different amounts of Reward Points.
You can use these Reward Points to get a discount on your next purchase or, if you have collected enough points, to purchase the next product even completely without using real money.
You will receive at least 10% of the paid amount per purchase in Reward Points. You can activate the Reward Points in the shopping cart (not checkout).

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Rex Max+
Pteranodon Max+
Bronto Max+
Giganoto Max+
Karkinos Max+
Managarmr Max+
Paraceratherium Max+
Tek Stegosaurus Max+